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Make Your Mastiff A Star Photo Fundraiser

EVERYONE can participate in our new 'Make Your Mastiff' a Star photo contest which runs September 5th, 2018 through January 5th, 2019! 

Membership in SSMF is not required to participate

All photos entered will be featured in an exclusive Online Gallery for at least one year &  the Mastiff photos submitted will be featured on various pages of the SSMF website year-round! So it will be fun to keep checking to see if your Mastiff is currently featured.

Some of our favorite SSMF member photos will be featured as our 'FRONT PAGE' Mastiff photos and changed out periodically throughout the months and years. Some of your photo submissions also may be featured in a future SSMF Mastiff Calendar or Greeting Cards too.

'Make Your Mastiff A Star' Rules:

Send us your favorite photos of your Mastiffs doing whatever they do best. Mastiffs being clowns or just looking majestic. Drooling, sleeping, water play, holiday fun, gardening, jumping, running, swimming, sunbathing etc..

  • No people allowed in photos except for Santa & The Easter Bunny and children under the age of 12.

  • No 'Show or person stacking dog Photos' accepted as this is not about promoting show dogs or breeding programs but about enjoying MASTIFFS in all their glory. 

  • Rescue Mastiffs photos are welcome! This is not about perfect conformation photos. This is about MASTIFF LOVE.

$20.00 donation per photo

or 7 photos for $100.00


Your beautiful Mastiff/s will truly be famous for years through the generosity of your donation to SSMF.


Please include the name of the custodial owner of the Mastiff and your kennel name, if any. We cannot use the dog's AKC name as we are not promoting dogs who may be in competition- so just give us their 'call name' for publication please.

Note: By submitting your photos Southern States Mastiff Fanciers owns the copyright to the photos to utilize them on the website through the years or for other fundraisers etc..

Email photo submissions to: 


to pay for submissions using any credit card with or without a paypal account.


OR you can mail a check to our treasurer at 


Kelly Meyer, Treasurer, SSMF

2229 Tennessee Ave

Savannah ga 31404

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