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Membership in Southern States Mastiff Fanciers is open to all persons eighteen years or older who subscribe to the purposes of the Code of Ethics of the Club.

"I'm not a breeder & don't have plans to show a Mastiff.... Why join a Mastiff club?"

An important part of the SSMF club is supporting Mastiff Rescue and responsible ownership- as well as education of the public about our wonderful breed. This can only be accomplished with the help of all of us who love and have been loved by Mastiffs. Whether our Mastiffs are champions of the show ring.....or only champions of our hearts. SSMF members enjoy the SSMF Guardian Newsletter twice a year, and receive regular email updates regarding Mastiff events and Mastiff Rescue Fundraisers and Opportunities to Help.

SSMF members come from every walk of life....

While SSMF welcomes responsible breeders and encourages our members to learn about and to enjoy competing in events with their Mastiffs, (and there are so many ways to have fun with your Mastiffs from performance events ,conformation events, Draft Events such as carting, Therapy work etc..) MANY of our members will never show or breed a Mastiff.  However members CARE about the Mastiff breed & want to support this mission for love of the breed. SSMF encourages all members to do what they can to support Mastiff rescue. Membership in SSMF Provides members an opportunity to meet other Mastiff lovers and to form lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals.

But... Don't You Have To Be A Member Of The Mastiff Club Of America To Join SSMF?

Membership in the MCOA is not required for SSMF members but is encouraged.


Upon receipt of Membership Application, the name of the applicant shall be posted in the “Applications for New Membership” section of the next SSMF newsletter. 

Current SSMF members in good standing shall have one year from the time of newsletter publication to present to the Board of Directors any objections to the applicant’s approval. All SSMF Board decisions are final.  If an associate membership application is rejected, the applicant will be notified in writing (or e-mail if appropriate) and any dues/trophy donations etc..will be returned to them if any were received. There is no appeal process for associate members who are not accepted to full membership.

If no objections are received within one year of posting, the applicant will become a full active member of SSMF.

For one year following newsletter publication of application for membership, unless objections are received, the applicant shall be considered and listed as an “associate” member.  Associate members may articipate in SSMF events but shall not vote or hold office until full active membership has been achieved.

  • Note: Any prospective member who has been sanctioned or suspended by our parent club, the Mastiff Club Of America (MCOA), or by the American Kennel Club, (AKC) will not be admitted to the Southern States Mastiff Fanciers Club until such time as any sanctions or suspensions are lifted.

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