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Mastiff Health

Mastiffs have their share of health problems like any breed does. The lifespan of Mastiffs is not as long as we would like them to be either. 

While generations of health testing in your dog's pedigree can not guarantee that your Mastiff will not become ill with a disease, at least you can narrow the odds of having a healthier Mastiff by only supporting Mastiff breeders who utilize health testing results and publish the testing- on all breeding stock.

However minimally the sire and dam should have the following health testing results available for review:

OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac,  OFA Thyroid

Eyes: Cerf , PRA DNA, Retinal Folds

Cystinuria DNA Marker (Penn Gen)

 Urine Nitroprusside results for males

Degenerative Myelopathy DNA Marker

Prospective puppy buyers can visit the website of the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals and do a search for health testing results published by sire and dam's AKC names.

 Sometimes breeders may not have yet mailed health testing results to OFA- so do ask the breeder for copies of the testing results if you do not see them published on the OFA website.

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